Meter Read

Reading your water meter accurately is our priority. Water meters are read by our meter readers two or three days of the week. After they have read their routes using a Solid State Interrogator (SSI), the information is downloaded into our database, updating the current water usage information for each account. To assure accuracy before billing, a comparison report (Hi-Lo Report) is generated, notifying us of any reads that are too high or too low. These abnormal reads are checked twice, sometimes up to three times to guarantee accuracy for our water customers.

Our Customer Service Representatives manage most of the field work such as, turning water services on and off, checking pressure problems, investigating water leaks and installing new meters.

Meter Operations

Meter Operations is constantly testing and implementing new technologies for reading water meters. Today, 40% of the City’s water meters are Automated Meter Read (AMR) meters. AMR technology allows our meter readers to simply drive by to retrieve meter data, ensuring our customers receive timely and accurate water usage reports. The City of Fayetteville is currently testing Endpoint Encoder technology that will transmit water usage reads to a cellular ‘cloud.’ This type of water meter technology will provide customers with access to a website interface, allowing them to directly monitor their water usage.

Meter Maintenance

The Meter Maintenance Department is responsible for making sure your water meter is functioning properly and accurately. Each meter we install is thoroughly verified on our test bench, ensuring it meets or exceeds American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards.

The internal makings of a meter are a measuring chamber and a set of gears propelled only by water passing through it. The meter is designed NOT to show usage unless water passes through. The movement of the sweep hand on the meter indicates water usage. If you are certain no water is being consumed and the sweep hand is in motion, this may indicate a leak. Should you suspect a water leak, follow our easy Water Leak Check.