Building Permit - Container and Pad

The Recycling and Trash Collection Division requires a concrete pad for placement of trash and recycling containers. Enclosures are required through the building permitting process and must have a straight and clear 40-foot approach in front of the enclosure for servicing with solid waste equipment. The pad inside the enclosure and apron in front of the enclosure are to be constructed of a minimum thickness of 8 inches concrete with proper subgrade preparation.

Container Sizes

The container sizes are 2 cubic yard through 8 cubic yard. All containers are front-loading style. All containers must be equipped with lids. The container enclosure pad and approach shall be accessible to the city’s collection vehicles. The collection vehicles shall have a clear approach, unobstructed by parked vehicles, curb islands and low hanging wires or tree limbs.

Required Turning Radius

There must be an adequate turning radius for maneuvering the collection vehicles thereby avoiding an unsafe situation where a vehicle would have to back onto public streets or into parking areas. The solid waste vehicle dimensions are 33'x10'. The vehicles require a 50 foot turning radius.

Container Pad and Approach Dimensions Required Per Container Size

  • Single enclosures shall have a clear opening of 12 feet in width and be 12 feet deep.
  • Double enclosures shall have a clear opening of 24 feet in width and be 12 feet deep.
  • Trash enclosures shall be screened with materials that are compatible with and complementary to the principal structure, with access not visible from the street.
  • It will be the responsibility of the property owner or manager to ensure that the gates to an enclosure are closed after the service.

Dedicated Space

Plats shall show dedicated space for container enclosure pads and approaches as well as an adequate amount of space inside the enclosure for trash containers and future recycling.


The Recycling and Trash Collection Division is available to assist in determining the adequate service level for the project or answer any questions you may have. Please contact the Commercial Service Representative.