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Volunteer crouches down to pet a white dogFor some people, coming to the Shelter to view our animals isn't enough - they want to give back to the community and help shelter animals through volunteerism at the Shelter.

Hundreds of Fayetteville residents have volunteered over the years at the Fayetteville Animal Shelter. They have helped in making our Shelter such a successful facility by meeting our goals of preventing cruelty to/suffering of all animals, teaching responsible pet care, finding forever homes for our adoptable animals, sheltering and healing animals in need and reducing pet overpopulation.

Active Participation

When you actively participate as a volunteer, you are part of a solution and you make a difference in the lives of our shelter animals. Opportunities are available for volunteers at the shelter, in the office and at special events. We need people to walk dogs, socialize cats and generally spread awareness about what we do and the great animals at the Shelter in need of caring forever homes. While we do accept volunteers of all ages, if you are under the age of 16 years old, you will need a parent or guardian with you at all times while volunteering. In addition, you must be at least 18 years of age to walk dogs.

It is easy to become an Animal Shelter volunteer! The first step is to attend New Volunteer Orientation. 


We host new volunteer orientations twice per month. The orientation lasts about an hour. We are limited to 15 attendees per orientation. On the first of each month we will post the link to sign up for that month’s orientations below. Once you have signed up you will receive an email through Eventbrite with a link to complete the volunteer application. Thank you for your interest in helping our shelter pets!

Orientation Sign Up Link: 

September 7

Thursday, September 7: This orientation is full!

September 23

Saturday, September 23: This orientation is full!

2023 Orientation Schedule

  • September 7 and 23 
  • October 5 and 21
  • November 2 and 18
  • December 9

Contact Us

Questions? Call the shelter at 479-444-3456.

Ways to Get Involved

  1. Adoption Advocate

Being an Adoption Advocate can take many forms, but the main purpose is to help a particular pet find a home.

Ways to Help

You can do this by posting the pet on social media sites, sharing the pet’s details with your friends, family and co-workers or even checking the pet out of the Shelter to attend an event, like an intramural sporting activity or company picnic. By advocating for a pet, you are giving them a voice and a better chance at finding a loving home much faster.

For more information, please contact the Shelter at 479-444-3456.

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