Shelter Programs

In addition to providing many varied animal services for Fayetteville including: adoptions, animal code enforcement, responding to animal-related calls and complaints, handling stray aggressive and hurt animals, and even education related to animal care and urban living with animals, Animal Services also provides a variety of regular shelter programs, as well as several short-term events.

Compassionate Hearts

Fayetteville Animal Services' Compassionate Hearts Program connects senior citizens and disabled persons with pets who need a home.

Microchipping Clinic

Animal Services offers microchipping everyday to the public throughout the year. Microchipping is available at any time during our normal business hours.

Pets in Crisis

The Pets In Crisis program is designed to provide a service to the citizens of Fayetteville to shelter and care for their animals for a period of no more than 10 days in the event that a citizen is involved in a life crisis that results in them not being able to care for their animals temporarily.

Ranger's Pantry

Ranger's Pantry is a project of the Community Resources Division, designed to keep struggling families and their pets together during times of financial hardship by providing pet food to in-need families residing in Fayetteville.

Spay or Neuter Program

The City of Fayetteville is pleased to be able to provide low cost spay / neuter services for $25 to qualifying families, and we make sure all adoptable pets are sterilized upon adoption.

View our Adoptable Pets

The following page contains information about and pictures of pets that are available for adoption through Animal Services.