Pets in Crisis

The Pets In Crisis program is designed to provide a service to the citizens of Fayetteville to shelter and care for their animals for a period of no more than ten days in the event that a citizen is involved in a life crisis that results in them not being able to care for their animals temporarily. The program is offered as space allows at the shelter and typically offered only once per year per citizen.


Citizens will only qualify for the program if their crisis qualifies based on the list below and if their animals are spayed/neutered and in compliance with City of Fayetteville ordinance. Citizens wishing to participate in this program whose animals are intact and/or not in compliance with ordinance must agree to have their animals spayed / neutered and be brought into compliance with city ordinance at their own expense. Those that qualify for low income services will be encouraged to apply for low cost services.

The following is a list of qualifying criteria:
  • Homelessness: If a citizen is homeless for any reason they will qualify for the program.
  • Domestic Battery: If a citizen is involved in a domestic battery situation and had to leave their home they will qualify.
  • Emergency Hospitalization: If a citizen is suddenly hospitalized and has no next of kin to care for their animals they would qualify.
  • Other: The Animal Services Superintendent has the discretion to allow the qualification of any citizen on a case by case basis.


If you have questions about Fayetteville Animal Services or this program please email us.