Environmental Action Committee

Regular Meetings

  • Time: 5:30 PM
  • Day: 3rd Monday of each month
  • Location: City Hall
    113 W. Mountain Street
    Room 326
    Fayetteville, AR 72701

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Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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The Environmental Action Committee formally known as the Environmental Concerns Committee was created by Ordinance 3922 on September 5, 1995. The Ordinance has since been amended by Ordinance 4462, 5260, 5291, 5473, 6041 and 6196.

The purpose of the committee is to address environmental concerns, promote a safe and healthy environment, and maintain the natural beauty of the environment within the City. To research and recommend climate mitigation strategies that the community can implement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize the negative consequences of climate change, and to promote and recommend policies that encourage energy efficiency efforts and increase the clean energy supply throughout the community.

The Committee shall make recommendations to other city committees and to the City Council on matters concerning the environment.  The Committee may coordinate all City efforts to obtain and maintain an annual community wildlife habitat designation through the National Wildlife Federation subject to City Council approval.


The City Council member shall be appointed by the Mayor and shall serve until replaced. Terms of all other members shall be three years and shall be staggered so that each year either three or four members' terms shall be available for appointment by the Nominating Committee.


Such Committee membership shall be composed of the following:

  • One City Council member
  • One member from a local industry
  • One member from a science discipline
  • Eight residents at large


Positions on the committee reserved for City Council individuals shall be filled by mayoral appointment. All other vacancies on the Committee are filled by appointment from the governing body of the City.

Public Notification

A weekly meetings list is prepared by the Office of the City Clerk Treasurer; it is published online and distributed to the press.

33.331 - Attendance Requirements

(A) Any citizen volunteer member of any city board, commission or committee who fails to attend at least 70% of all meetings of that committee within a twelve (12) month period of service shall be deemed to have resigned from the board, commission or committee and that person’s position shall be deemed vacant.

(B) Such citizen may petition the City Council for reinstatement by filing a letter with the City Clerk within twenty (20) days after notification that the citizen’s position has been declared vacant and explaining why extenuating circumstances justify reinstating the applicant to his or her former position.

(Ord. No. 5446, 10-4-11)