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New Development, Licensing, and Permitting System and Online Portal Now in Operation

The City of Fayetteville has implemented a new web-based system called EnerGov™ to handle applications and payments for Planning, Engineering, Building Safety, Business Licensing, Alcoholic Beverage, and HMR/Supplemental Beverage. View more information about this transition. You can click on the above button to go directly to the Citizen Self-Service Portal (CSS).

About Us

A division of the Development Services Department, the City Planning Division is responsible for managing growth and development within the City of Fayetteville and the planning area surrounding the corporate city limits to achieve a higher quality of life for our citizens.

One of the primary responsibilities of the City Planning Division is current planning - the review of zoning and development applications inside the Fayetteville city limits and planning area for compliance with the Fayetteville Unified Development Code. These applications include rezoning, large scale development, subdivision of land, and conditional use permits. Planning also reviews building permit requests, signage, outdoor lighting, and architectural design for compliance with the regulations established by the City Council.

Public Notice Process for Planning Items Going to Public Hearing

The Fayetteville City Council has adopted an ordinance to amend §157.01 Notifications and Public Hearings.  All notifications will now include property owners and residents with separate addresses within 200' of the subject property boundary.


Please click on the Applications link in the left column of this page. Planning applications are also on the Development Services Department web page. 

Planning Commission

The City Planning Division serves as support staff for the Fayetteville Planning Commission and Subdivision Committee. A copy of the full agenda packet for Planning Commission meetings will be posted on the website typically on the day before the meeting. Please view a copy of these agendas at your own convenience.

Long Range Planning

City Planning staff is responsible for long range planning in Fayetteville, including changes to the City's zoning code, drafting new ordinances that work toward achieving the goals of City Plan 2040, and coordinating with the citizens and stakeholders of Fayetteville.
Current zoning and development code changes are announced on the Development Services page.

Neighborhood Planning

Established as a City Plan 2030 benchmark, City staff is charged with the responsibility of completing long-range neighborhood plans that utilize mixed-use and pedestrian-friendly concepts, as well as form-based codes, that guide future development sensitive to the needs of each neighborhood. To date, the City Council has adopted the following neighborhood master plans:
  • Downtown Master Plan
  • Walker Park Neighborhood Master Plan
  • Fayette Junction Master Plan
  • Wedington Corridor Plan

Overlay and Special Districts

An overlay district is a special district or zone that requires additional regulation of construction and development projects. Fayetteville currently has 4 overlay districts:

  1. The I-49 Design Overlay District (DOD)
  2. The Hillside Hilltop Overlay District (HHOD)
  3. The Downtown Design Overlay District (DDOD)
  4. The Stream Side Protection Ordinance (SSPO)
Illustrative Master Plan


Many of the city's interactive maps are maintained by the Geographic Information System (GIS) Division, including Future Land Use, the Master Street Plan, and Zoning maps; however, the official Zoning Map, signed by the Mayor, is located in the Planning Office.