Public Facilities Board

The Residential Housing Facilities Board was established by Ordinance 2485 on November 21, 1978. It was later amended by Ordinance 2708 on March 2, 1981 changing the name to the Fayetteville Public Facilities Board. It was then amended by Ordinance 2991 on March 20, 1984 and again on February 18, 1997 as Ordinance 4021 and is pursuant to A.C.A 14-137-108.

The Public Facilities Board is authorized to issue revenue bonds to finance residential housing, health care, and related facilities to persons of low or moderate income and for the elderly.

Meeting Videos

To view meeting recordings, visit our past meeting video archives.


Staggered five-year terms. The term shall begin on the date the appointee files an Oath of Office.

Membership Structure

The Board is composed of five members from the public at large.


Members must be nominated by a majority of the Public Facilities Board and appointed by the Mayor subject to confirmation of the governing body of the City.

Public Notification

A weekly meetings list is prepared by the Office of the City Clerk Treasurer; it is distributed to the press and posted online.