Downtown Master Plan

Fayetteville Downtown Master Plan cover

The Fayetteville Downtown Master Plan was created during the winter of 2004 through an intensive public participation process guided by consultants Dover, Kohl and Partners. The final vision document was adopted by City Council in April of 2004; the zoning code and map were adopted October 3, 2006.

Fayetteville Downtown Master Plan (PDF)


There are six fundamental strategies are laid out by the Downtown Master Plan. These include:

  • Create and showcase a walkable environment
  • Get more people living downtown
  • Create smart parking -- sustainable and efficient parking that enhances sense of place
  • Develop smart rules that outperform current zoning and attract desirable development
  • Create a series of interconnected special places
  • Develop the experience-based economy of the downtown by expanding the focus on arts, culture and entertainment

Recommended Ordinances

Almost all of the policies and ordinances recommended by the Fayetteville Downtown Master Plan have been accomplished. These include: 

  • Conversion of one-way streets back to two-way streets
  • Enhancements to the downtown square
  • Downtown College Avenue improvements
  • Adoption of Master Street Plan cross-sections for downtown
  • Creation and adoption of four new downtown zoning districts: Downtown District Code
  • Creation and adoption of downtown architectural standards
  • Adoption of an outdoor street vendor ordinance
  • Repair and replacement of sidewalks
  • Creation of the Dickson Street entertainment district
  • Block Avenue improvements 

Fayetteville Downtown Master Plan map