Pay-As-You-Throw Trash Cart Program

Fayetteville has successfully operated a Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Trash Cart Program since March 2003. PAYT treats trash collection service like other utility programs such as electricity and gas. The program is designed to encourage waste reduction and waste diversion. View our Pay-As-You-Throw Brochure (PDF) for details (Spanish-language Brochure (PDF)).

Customers are charged for the amount of trash collected, based on the size of you trash cart. Customers are NOT CHARGED for recycling and yard waste collection.

Be prepared for 5 a.m. pickup!

Please have your trash carts, recycling bins, and yard waste out to the curb by 5 a.m. It is best to place your bins and carts out the night before to ensure pick up. Please allow 3 feet around the trash carts for collection by the automated truck.

Cart Sizes and Trash Reduction

The less trash you produce, the more money you save! By downsizing your trash cart, you can stop losing money to the landfill while also reducing your environmental impact. Participating in the City's recycling and yard waste collection programs will help reduce the amount of trash you make.

Extra Bags: Sometimes you might have an extra bag of trash or bulky waste item. Each household receives four extra bag pick-ups for no charge each year. After you have used four bags, each additional bag costs $7.56 for collection. Be sure that your cart lid is closed! If a lid on a cart is open, even an inch, and bags are visible, a charge of $7.56 per bag will occur. 

Bulky Waste:  The City offers bulky waste pick-ups and hosts eight bulky waste collection events per year, four in the spring and four in the fall. Learn more about bulky waste and what services are available for no charge on the Bulky Waste web page.

  • 32-gallon cart

    $11.19/per month and recommended for households producing three 13-gallon bags of trash or less per week.
  • 64-gallon cart

    $17.08/per month and recommended for households producing five 13-gallon bags of trash or less per week.
  • 96-gallon cart

    $24.24/per month and recommended for households producing seven 13-gallon bags of trash or less per week.

Changing your cart size and ordering recycle bins

Changing to a smaller cart is free of charge. Going up in cart volume will incur customers a one-time $27.52 upgrade fee. You may change cart sizes at any time, but must wait 30 days between orders. Carts are exchanged on your next service day. The first two recycling bins are available at no charge; additional bins are $14.31 plus tax for each.

To order recycling bins or change cart size, please call 479-575-8398. Note: To change cart size, please write down the serial number from your cart before calling. Thank you!

Downsize Your Trash CartYearly SavingsLess Gallons Sent to Landfill
Large to Small$156.603,328 gallons
Large to Medium$85.921,664 gallons
Medium to Small$70.681,664 gallons