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Update:  August 6, 2021

Organizers agree to comply with the most recent federal, state, and local COVID-19 guidelines, including with City Ordinance 6465 which states in part..."Masks shall be worn at managed events when attendance and format prevent social distancing".

If your event will use City parks or trails

Tournaments, races, or events that utilize City parks or trails must complete a Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Event Permit Form 14 days prior to event.

READ FIRST: Policies and Conditions

Application: Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Event Permit Form

If your event will use City streets or services, or you plan to sell or serve alcoholic beverages

The Parking Management Division processes permit applications for events, such as festivals, 5K races, parades, block parties, etc., involving the dedicated use of streets and parking lots for temporary periods. An Event Permit Application will need to be submitted for all events that take place on City property and/or require City resources (police assistance, street closure, City parking spaces, noise ordinance variance request, etc.). This event permit application is also required for events requesting to serve, sell, or provide alcoholic beverages on City property, including City parks. 

Deadline for application submittal for these permits is based on the following:

  • 21 days prior to event date: Application does not request closure(s) of a street or City parking lot or closure request(s) is for less than 8 hours.
  • 45 days prior to event date: Application requests a street or City parking lot closure(s) for more than 8 hours.
Application Instructions & Rules for Parking Management Event Permit
These instructions are intended to help you complete your event permit application and all associated forms. Please take the time to read these instructions prior to completing your application. Please keep a copy of these instructions / rules for reference during your event. 

Required for City Street/Parking Lot Closures

Event Permit Resources