Wedington Corridor Neighborhood Plan

Wedington Plan blueprint
Complete Neighborhood Plans
The Development Services Department was mandated by City Council to conduct a Complete Neighborhood Plan every 2 years. Past plans include the Downtown Master Plan, Walker Park Neighborhood Plan and the Fayette Junction Neighborhood Plan. City Council voted to conduct a neighborhood plan along the Wedington Drive Corridor in the summer of 2012. Click here to see the plan.

Wedington Drive
This area of the City has seen significant development pressure in recent years with numerous commercial projects proposed and completed including; the Neighborhood Market, the Links Apartments, numerous restaurants and other commercial development. Large single family residential neighborhoods have been constructed in the last decade both north and south of the Wedington Drive Corridor.

Corridor Plan
Wedington Drive is a large 5-lane arterial (State Highway) with high traffic volumes and speeds that make safe pedestrian crossing and access difficult. The commercial lots fronting Wedington Drive are incrementally being developed without a clear vision for the eventual build-out and urban form of this corridor. The disjointed nature of this area currently does not facilitate good pedestrian connections to the retail and commercial uses that exist. The creation of a corridor plan for this area will facilitate future land use, access and transportation decisions.

Design Workshop
The City of Fayetteville Planning Division and Sustainability and Strategic Planning Department hosted a hands-on design workshop Saturday, October 27, gathering public input and worked at the Boys and Girls Club throughout the weekend and following week developing public input into a plan for the area which was presented on Thursday, November 1 at the Boys and Girls Club. Please view a slideshow of the Work-In-Progress Presentation (PDF) which outlines the week's events and outcomes.

Community Civic Green at Rupple and Congressional

Overall shot of Wedington Project

Overall View

Wedington Project Rendering

Wedington Looking East Toward I-540

Wedington Community Circle Rendering

Wedington Plan Project Boundary

Wedington Plan Project Boundary

Wedington Looking West 2006

Wedington Overhead shot