Your Tax Dollars at Work

"Where are my tax dollars going?” “How is my money being used?” “What improvements are being made?”

We hear these questions often – and for a good reason! You want to know how tax money is being spent. We get it. That’s why we’re committed to transparency and sharing comprehensive information about ongoing projects.

Additionally, we strive for inclusiveness. Our team recognizes the value of public input, and that’s why we encourage our citizens to participate in meetings and surveys concerning infrastructure projects. To receive notifications when public input meetings are held, subscribe to our calendar.

Since 1988, the City has produced a five-year Capital Improvements Plan biennially as part of the efforts to identify improvement projects, prioritize projects and schedule funding and implementation. The CIP, coupled with other master plans, helps to shape the future of our City’s transportation, trails, parks, water and sewer, sidewalks and streets.

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