Media Release
Broadband Infrastructure Letter
For Immediate Release
March 1, 2017

Contact: Susan Norton
Communications Department

Mayor Jordan Joins Mayors and City Officials on Letter to the President
and Congress
Signaling the Importance of Broadband Infrastructure
Fayetteville and Other Members of Next Century Cities Call for the President and
Congress to Include Broadband Investment in Potential Infrastructure Legislation
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Mayor Lioneld Jordan united with 64 city and county leaders signing a letter stating the importance of including broadband in any plan to improve the country’s infrastructure. The letter was sent to President Trump, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, and House Speaker Ryan. Mayor Jordan joined elected officials from across the nation to demonstrate the widespread support at the community level for the deployment of high-speed, reliable internet access as federal discussions continue about a national infrastructure plan.
“The City of Fayetteville is an inclusive city, we believe in equality and continue to pursue that for our citizens,” said Mayor Jordan. “Affordable access to broadband enables our community to prepare for better jobs and additional education – which in turn creates higher wages and attracts new businesses. A strong digital city is vital for Fayetteville’s economic health and community equity.”
Including Fayetteville, the 65 signers of the letter together represent nearly 16 million Americans. The letter’s statement was led by Next Century Cities, a bipartisan organization of mayors and city leaders focused on ensuring fast, affordable, and reliable internet access for all Americans. See the full letter here.
“As mayors and municipal officials, we have each championed access for our residents to high-quality broadband in ways that are right for our communities,” the letter stated. “We are eager to have the federal government take steps in an infrastructure package that will truly increase internet access for millions of Americans, and do so in ways that recognize the importance of local leaders in making these lofty plans a reality in our towns and cities across America.”
The letter recommends three key broadband priorities for any federal infrastructure plan: access, affordability, and local solutions for connectivity. It also emphasizes that the internet is nonpartisan, and that federal leaders should work together across party lines to promote the deployment of next-generation broadband.
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