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City sets regulations for motorized scooter-share


July 29, 2019

Contact: Dane Eifling
Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs Coordinator
Engineering Division

Fayetteville City Council Sets Regulations for Motorized Scooter-Share in the City

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — With a recently passed ordinance, the City of Fayetteville is prepared to accept applications from providers wishing to establish motorized scooter-share programs in the City. On July 16, City Council passed an ordinance that establishes regulations for use of motorized scooters within the City, as well as requirements to be met by would-be scooter-share vendors.

Motorized scooter-share programs are sweeping the country, appearing in cities large and small, including Austin, Tulsa, Chicago and Little Rock. These electric scooters travel at speeds up to 15 mph, are simple to use, and require no license to operate. As with the VeoRide bike-share program, the scooters require no dock and can be parked in any approved parking area within the City.

On July 24, 2019, the Electric Motorized Scooter Act, passed by the Arkansas General Assembly, went into effect. This act authorizes the deployment of electric motorized scooters and scooter-share programs throughout the State of Arkansas. Fayetteville’s City Council acted swiftly in order to have regulations and requirements in place as soon as the law became active.

“In Fayetteville, we embrace a variety of alternative transportation methods. They alleviate congestion on our roads and cut back on green-house emissions in our City,” said Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan. “We have learned from cities that already have scooter-share programs in their communities how important it is to establish regulations for their use. By setting up these rules now, on the front end, we can hopefully keep problems from happening down the line.”

Guidelines for scooter riders, according to the new ordinance, are similar to those that govern cyclists. Scooters must yield to pedestrians, may not travel on sidewalks that directly abut building faces, and must stay to the far right when traveling on shared roadways. Scooter operators must be 16 or older and must not carry anything that would prevent them from keeping at least one hand on the handlebars at all times. For a full list of regulations for scooter riders, visit

On Tuesday, July 30, at 2:00 p.m. Central Time, the City will begin accepting online applications from vendors who wish to establish a scooter-share program in Fayetteville.  Scooter-share vendors must provide a minimum of 100 scooters and no more than 250, must have a Fayetteville business license, pay application and fleet fees, and provide evidence of liability insurance, among other requirements. Additional information and an online application form are available on the City of Fayetteville’s website at


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