How do I report a water and sewer outage?
The City of Fayetteville relies on your calls to let us know that there is a water or sewer problem that needs to be evaluated. If you suspect a water main break, a sewer overflow, or any type of related problem, please call the Fayetteville Water and Sewer Maintenance Division.

These are all situations that require trained personnel to assess the problem and associated dangers. Be ready to identify the type of problem and its location, as well as your name, address, and contact information so that officials can contact you should we need more information. If you supply us an email address, we may be able to update you by email on our progress of correcting the reported problem.

To report a problem, or for more information, contact the Water and Wastewater Maintenance Department. For after-hours problems of this nature, you may phone Fayetteville Police Central Dispatch for assistance at 479-587-3555 and choose option 1.
Wastewater Maintenance Department

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1. How do I report a water and sewer outage?
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