Are all plastics recyclable in our community?

No, at this time we can only accept bottles labeled with a #1 and #2 recycling triangle. To find out the number of a plastic bottle or container look near the bottom of the bottle or container to see its plastic resin code. #1 and #2 bottles and jugs make up approximately 96% of all bottles in the market place and are usually targeted in recycling programs. The reason all plastics can't be mixed together for recycling is because of the way plastics are made. There are two main processes for forming plastic containers - blow molding and injection molding. In a blow molding process, the plastic is blown into a particular shape, like a bottle, whereas in the injection mold the plastic resin is injected into a mold that forms a particular shape, like a butter tub. The resins from a soda bottle and salad container might be the same but the different processes used to create them use different chemicals that change the melt index of the container, which means they do not melt at the same temperature. Therefore we are only able to accept #1 and #2 plastic bottles at this time. Just remember to "check the neck" - the definition of a bottle is the neck is smaller than the base of the bottle.

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