I can't remember, what items are recycled in Fayetteville?

We recycle newspaper, mixed paper (junk mail, magazines, phone books, copy paper, etc.), paperboard (cereal boxes, etc.), cardboard, plastic bottles coded #1 and #2, aluminum cans, steel cans, and brown, green and clear glass containers. We do not accept all other plastics not coded as a #1 and #2 bottle or jug, windows, light bulbs, ceramics, Pyrex or similar items. Protect our recycling truck drivers - please make sure all materials are clean and free from trash contamination.

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1. Can I recycle magazines and telephone books in the curbside recycling program at my home?
2. Can I use plastic grocery / retail bags to bundle or sack newspaper, paperboard and junk mail?
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4. Are all plastics recyclable in our community?
5. Can I use another bin or do I have to use the City of Fayetteville recycling bins?
6. What if one recycling bin is not enough?
7. I can't remember, what items are recycled in Fayetteville?
8. Can I recycle my Christmas tree?
9. Where can I take household hazardous waste like jet cartridges and batteries, electronic waste, and tires?