What do you mean by Fayetteville having a Pay As You Throw Trash Program?

Fayetteville’s Pay As You Throw (PAYT) Residential Trash Program means just that, the more trash you throw out on a weekly basis the more money it will cost you. Each residence has a choice of 3 sizes for their trash cart; 32, 64, and 96 gallon sizes are available. Each size has a different rate assigned to it. View current rates.

It is important to know that each residence should get the size cart that is designed to handle the weekly volumes of trash from that household. The 32 gallon is for 1 bag of trash or less, the 64 is for up to 2 bags of trash, and the 96 gallon is for up to 3 bags of trash. Overfilling carts is not recommended and will billed for each extra bag visible above the rim of the cart. Please make sure the cart lid is closed completely to avoid extra bag charges. The PAYT program is highly recommended by the EPA as a means to reduce waste and provide a fairer system for those who reduce and recycle. Anybody can reduce the waste they produce by fully using the recycling program and avoiding wasteful practices. You can make a difference!

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1. What do you mean by Fayetteville having a Pay As You Throw Trash Program?
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