What do I do with large items that are considered bulky waste?
Large items that cannot fit into your trash cart are considered bulky waste and are collected separately. These items usually consist of furniture and appliances. Only single family residences may participate in the program. Multi-unit, private drives, commercial businesses and apartment complexes are exempt from this program. All accounts may bring items to the Transfer Station during normal operating hours for a fee. Ward clean ups are also available for bulky waste (see Ward Bulky Waste cleanups FAQ). Each single family residence is allowed 1 free bulky waste collection per year. Additional collections are available for $45. The Boston Mountain Solid Waste District provides a bulky waste program and can be reached at 888-426-9278 or 479-846-3005.

Collections are divided into 3 categories: household waste, metals materials and brush. Quantities are limited to 5 items per collection. Collections are scheduled through the Recycling and Trash Collection Office by calling 479-575-8398 and are set on a first-come-first-serve basis. Items must be placed by the curb by 5 a.m. on the designated collection day. Items must be placed within 6 feet of the right of way and not placed within 6 feet of any fixed objects in the ground, such as a utility meter, mailbox, or fence line. Items may not be placed under trees or low hanging power lines (15 to 20 foot clearance above items is needed). Materials should be placed out for collection no more than 24 hours prior to collection. Items will not be collected from inside a dwelling or alleyway or private drive.

Items placed out for collection must be separated by category. Bulky waste collections for the 3 different categories occur on different days of the week. Any appliance item that originally contained Freon will not be collected for free in this program. There is a $30 per unit fee to pick up Freon containing appliances. Residents can deliver appliances containing Freon to the Compost Facility during normal operating hours for $30 per unit. Brush or tree limbs must be no larger than 12 feet long and 5 inches in diameter.

Hazardous waste, paint, tires, construction debris, lumber, carpet, shingles, and remodeling debris are not included in this program. Drop box containers are available for rental by the city or should be taken directly to the landfill to handle construction debris. For drop box information please call the Recycling and Trash Collection Office at 479-575-8398.Bulk Pick Up Program

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