What should I do to get ready for trial?

If you are the plaintiff, you should collect any papers, documents, or pictures which relate to the case, and bring them with you when you go to trial. Bring receipts, bills and estimates to show the Judge to help you prove your claim. The Court will issue a subpoena to require the attendance of anyone you want to call as a witness. As the clerk for the fees for this. If you are the defendant, you should follow the above procedure for the plaintiff. If you do not wish to contest the plaintiff's claim, you may settle with the plaintiff before your trial date and have the plaintiff dismiss the action so that no judgment may be awarded by default. You may answer the claim by denying that you owe the money, and you may file an Answer and Counterclaim form if you feel that the plaintiff may owe you money. Your Answer and Counterclaim form must be filed with the court within 30 days of service. 

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