What is a TRAC # ?

Our new online system allows the tester to enter the test results into the City of Fayetteville Water Department's compliance records using a TRAC# (Tester Remote Access Code #). The TRAC# gives testers information about the assembly(s) at a location -- such as size, make, model and serial number -- to simplify data input and maintain data integrity. It does not identify the water customer’s name or provide the customer’s contact information.

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1. Why is the City doing this now?
2. What is backflow?
3. What is Cross Connection?
4. What is the most common form of cross connection?
5. What is a backflow preventer and why are they needed?
6. Who needs a backflow preventer?
7. How do I find a licensed backflow assembly tester?
8. How often does my backflow preventer need to be tested?
9. Who is responsible for the testing and maintenance of the backflow preventers?
10. Who can test backflow preventers?
11. Who can repair backflow preventers?
12. What is a TRAC # ?
13. How much will a backflow test cost?
14. What happens if my backflow test fails?
15. What happens if I don’t have my assembly tested?
16. Who can I contact for additional information on the City of Fayetteville’s Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program?