What do I get when I rent a plot?
A compost-enriched garden plot for 1 full year, a Gardener's Handbook, use of shared common tools, access to water, a supportive environment for learning about gardening and meeting other gardeners.

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1. What is a community garden all about?
2. What size are the plots and how much do they cost?
3. How many plots do I get?
4. What do I get when I rent a plot?
5. What extra things can I purchase with my garden plot?
6. How can I conserve water?
7. How do I control water pressure and prevent the hose from bursting?
8. What do I have to do to stay in good standing with the garden?
9. What if I am unable to maintain or harvest my plot or plots?
10. What about composting at the garden?
11. What do I do with garden debris that can’t be added to the compost?
12. Who do I contact for gardening advice or any garden issues?