What is the density cap for Type 2 STRs?

A city-wide density cap of 2% of all dwelling units in the Fayetteville city limits may be utilized as Type 2 rentals. Total dwelling units are determined from current United States Census Bureau and/or American Community Survey numbers, whichever number is higher. A conditional use permit may not permit:

(a) More Type 2 short-term rentals than what is allowed by the city-wide density cap. Type 2 short-term rentals in commercial and mixed-use zoning districts where hotel/motels are permitted by right shall not contribute to the city-wide density cap.

(b) More than 10% or a single unit whichever is greater; of total dwelling units as Type 2 rentals within a multi-family dwelling complex.

(c) Individual 2-, 3- and 4-family buildings that are owned by the same person or entity and are not a part of a multi-family complex shall have no more than one (1) Type 2 short-term rental unit per building complex.

(d) Where attached residential units are held separately through condominium association, horizontal property regime, fee simple, or similar ownership structure, no cap shall be applied to buildings with attached residential dwellings. Structures of attached residential dwellings where applicants seek more than 10% of total units for licensing as Type 2 rentals shall be evaluated by the Building Safety Director and/or Fire Marshal for adequate fire protection as defined by the adopted Arkansas Fire Prevention Code. Where inadequate fire protection is identified, improvements may be required prior to issuance of a business license.

Type 2 short-term rentals may be permitted in all zoning districts where hotel/motel uses are permitted by right and shall not count towards the Type 2 short-term rental density cap in these districts except in multi-family buildings as specified in Chapter 118 of the Fayetteville City Code.

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