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Bryce Davis Park


  1. Basketball
  2. Dog park
  3. Gazebo
  4. Nature Area
  5. Paved Multi-Use Trail
  6. Pavilion
  7. Picnic Area
  8. Playground
  9. Restrooms
  10. Swings

Park History

Davis Park was originally 9.2 acres and was the city's first park dedicated from the Park Land Dedication Ordinance in 1988. The park was named after the owner and developer, Bryce Davis. The playground was renovated and a half basketball court was added in 2008. The city received additional land through the Park Land Dedication Ordinance in the summer of 2008 to expand it to approximately 26 acres.

In addition to the existing play equipment and basketball courts, the park now includes restroom facilities, additional picnic areas and a 3-acre dog park with a pavilion, picnic tables, benches and drinking fountain. Future phases of the park development will include a fishing pier.

Park Amenities

  • Basketball (half court)
  • Dog Park
  • Gazebo (near playground)
  • Multi Use Trail
  • Natural Area
  • Pavilions (at dog park and pond)
  • Picnic Areas
  • Playground
  • Restrooms
  • Swings