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  1. Flight Reservation Form

    This form is for pilots to give us the necessary information to make a reservation to fly in to Drake Field.

  1. T Hangar Rental Request Form

    Form to request information about available T hangars, prices, and lease agreement


  1. Schedule a Tour

    Tours, lead by an educator or plant operator, are tailored to the audience and are intended for the general public, school groups, and... More…

Community Resources and Animal Services

  1. Lost/Found Pet Report

    Use this form to file either a lost animal form or a found animal form. If filing a lost animal report please make sure to visit the... More…

  1. Report Deer Feeding/Baiting

    If you would like to report a location where intentional feeding or baiting deer might be happening, please fill out and submit the... More…

Development Services

  1. Washington Willow Design Guidelines First Draft: Public Input

    Public Comment form regarding proposed design guidelines for the Washington Willow Historic District

Facilities Management

  1. Report an ADA Accessible Barrier @ a municipal owned building

    Provide a link where a citizen can report an ADA accessible barrier or non compliance issue.

  1. Report unsafe condition @ municipal building

    A link that will provide the citizens a place to report an unsafe condition @ municipal buildings.


  1. Report a Fire Hazard or Violation
  2. Smoke Detector Request
  1. Request a Station Tour or a Fire Truck for a Special Events

    Request a Station Tour or a Fire Truck for a Special Event (Requires 72 hours notice before event)

  2. Special Event Fire Truck Request

    Fire Truck Special Event Request


  1. Service for a Fleet Vehicle

    Submit a vehicle for a needed service/maintenance

  1. Vehicle Rental Request

    If you need to borrow/rent a Fleet vehicle

Mayor's Office

  1. Event Requests
  2. Website Feedback

    A form to provide website feedback: questions, complaints, compliments and suggestions. A method of reporting broken links, missing... More…

  1. Proclamation Request


  1. Residential Parking Enrollment Form - Entertainment District

    Application for Residential Parking Permits in the Entertainment District

  1. Residential Parking Enrollment Form - Wilson Park South Neighborhood

    Application for Residential Parking Permits in the Wilson Park South Neighborhood Parking District

Parks and Rec

  1. Adopt Your Outdoors Volunteer Application
  2. Business Donation Application
  3. Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Event Permit Form (Request Type Selection) (Draft)

    Directs patron to correct type of form format based on event type requested.

  4. Liability Waiver and Release-Lake Fayetteville Cleanup
  5. Parks Beautification Volunteering Opportunities

    Learning more about volunteering with Parks and Recreation!

  1. Adopt Your Outdoors Volunteer Hours Submittal Form
  2. Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Event Permit Form

    The City of Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Event Permit Form is required to reserve any facility, trail, court or field within the... More…

  3. Holiday Digital Art Proposal

    The City of Fayetteville invites individual artists, artist teams, and digital creators to submit proposals for a digital piece of art... More…

  4. Outdoor Volunteering Application

    Interested in helping with stewardship and beatification efforts? Volunteers are vital to helping keep our outdoors clean, healthy and... More…

  5. Trail Trekker Report


  1. Business Survey Form

    After hours contact information for Fayetteville businesses. This information is used in case of an emergency at the business after... More…

  2. Fayetteville Police Department Compliment Form
  3. Report underage alcohol violations

    Use this page to report any ABC violations, or underage alcohol problems.

  4. Request for presentation

    Request officers to give a presentation

  5. YCPA Sponsorship
  1. Citizens Police Academy Application

    Citizen's Police Academy Application

  2. Query request

    This form is to request a query on an address, area, beat, or neighborhood. The forms will be emailed back in an excel spreadsheet.

  3. Request for a Child Safety Seat Check / Install

    Child Safety Seat Check / Install form

  4. Request for Safety Survey

    Request for a officer to come to your property to do a safety survey. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) survey

Recycling and Trash

  1. Adopt A Street - Activity Form

    Volunteer street clean up, Keep Fayetteville Beautiful with Adopt A Street

  2. Adopt A Street - Registration form

    Volunteer street clean up, Keep Fayetteville Beautiful with Adopt A Street

  3. Freon Recovery Request

    Refrigerator, air conditioner, freezer, compressors, Freon reclamation, Freon recovery

  4. Recycling and Trash Question Submission Form

    Ask the Recycling and Trash team a question and we'll get you an answer.

  1. Adopt A Street - Check list

    Volunteer for street clean up: Keep Fayetteville Beautiful with Adopt A Street

  2. Exemption Form

    Recycling and trash customers that are unable to place out cart and bins to the road for collection due to disabilities.

  3. Pay-as-You-Throw Cart Sign-Up

    Select which size trash collection cart is best for your family.


  1. Bike Rack Installation Request

    Use this form to request the installation of a bike rack on public right-of-way.


  1. Customer Service Online Request
  2. Rolling Hills Feedback Form

    A means for the public to provide feedback on drainage and road improvement projects planned for Rolling Hills.

  1. Residential Parking Enrollment Form
  2. Traffic Calming Study Request